About Gerard

My name is Gerard van der Ende. Most of my working life (the last 25 years), I have been a joiner/cabinet maker. Chair making may well come under the same umbrella but it is a highly specialized form of cabinet making. Especially the making of Windsor chairs requires very different techniques from the techniques that I would normally employ in cabinet making. The tools are also very different. Even for hand-made cabinets the components are usually made by electrically powered equipment. In contrast, the Windsor chair construction requires mastery of a wide range of specialized hand-tools.

I have always loved wood, the inherent beauty of the wood itself but also the array of applications and the different methods that can be employed in working with wood. However, some of the connection I feel for the medium with which I work had got lost in my cabinet making days. So when I had an opportunity to revive my passion for wood through chair-making, I seized it with both hands and haven’t looked back since. My ambition has always been to make things that people really need and to make them beautifully so that the surroundings, in which the hand-crafted object is used, are enhanced. Finally I can be instrumental in offering you beauty, comfort, durability and usefulness, combined in one single item…

Gerard Van Der Ende