Bring beauty into your home

My name is Gerard van der Ende and I offer a range of beautifully hand-crafted chairs and other furniture. I also offer a bespoke service and I am happy to quote you on projects you may have in mind.

Fundamental to a Windsor chair is a solid wooden seat; everything grows from this. From this seat the legs project down, and the spindles or laths project up. That’s it. Arms, combs, bows, spindles, stretchers on the legs, different sorts of turning, a thousand variations --- once a chair has a solid wooden seat with legs and spindles socketed into it, then it’s a Windsor.

There has been a revival in the demand for hand-made Windsor chairs. This is not surprising; the elegant shape speaks of durability and, more importantly, of beauty. Wood has these qualities inherently built in because it grows and matures in natural surroundings over many years. When the craftsman uses the wood and fashions it, he or she will add design and when all this comes together the finished result will radiate an enduring quality.

Hopefully you will find, on the following pages, what you are looking for. I certainly love making these chairs. My striving is to make something that will enhance your home, something that you will enjoy having in your home.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

You will also find chairs and other furniture not related to “The Windsor Family” but whatever it is, it is made with the same care and attention. As a member of the “Somerset Guild of Craftsmen” my work has to come up to the Guilds standard.

Somerset Guild of Craftsmen